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First things first: could you tell us something about your love for motorcycles, about when and how it all began?

I started off with mopeds, followed by cars and motorcycles. I was completely intrigued by combustion engines, the smell of gasoline, working with my hands and the technique. Somehow, motorcycles always triggered me and made me want to learn more about them.

Do you feel like you have a lot of freedom to create whatever you want?

Having my own workshop means I benefit from working with technique and expressing my creativity at the same time. I basically can make or design whatever I want. In order to do so, I have a network of people around me who contribute to it, so that I can reach my full potential.

To what extent is your work solely technical, and how much creativity is involved?

I have a background in automotive and mechanical engineering and therefore the skills and know-how of working with metals, including cutting and welding. But instead of doing it myself, I rather choose others to do this specific work for me. I let a painter paint, a welder weld, let people who master their job do their thing. I like every process from scratch till final product. However, seeing and feeling the final result is the most satisfying part of my job.

How is your life influenced by your work?

My life is my work, I just breath motorcycles 24/7. My work is my passion, it fascinates me. I am what I do so in the extent I’m always working, you can ask my family..

What is the project you are most proud of up until now?

There are several but my 1985 BMW which I call ’’The Mutant’’ was my favorite free hand-built motorcycle. It was different, iconic and edgy. If I was a Transformer and able to convert into a motorcycle that bike would be it. Also, it pinned me on the map internationally. Chosen top 3 on the biggest motorcycle blog globally on the Cafe racer platform in 2017.

You have quite a lot of followers on Instagram. How did Instagram become a part of your job? And how will it affect your job in the future?

I’ve created an image around me and my workshop 18 months ago, happened naturally & organic too. Now I use Instagram as a marketing tool, core business for getting new projects. Got orders from Brisbane, Miami, and Beirut this week, all because of Instagram.

Do you have certain projects that you dream of doing, things you hope to achieve at some point in the future?

I’d love to build something spectacular for an OEM manufacturer like BMW/Triumph or any brand. And make a crazy bike for an international celebrity. Actually, both things mentioned above will happen within some months’ timeframe. It has been confirmed and although still yet strict confidential they are dreams to become true. Somebody pinch me, haha!

Arjan is wearing Gorgeous George Army / Brown / Sand | Silver

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